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Top 10 Beaches in Spain for 2018


Welcome to February! The days are cold, wet and at points snowy – Here in Manchester we have had a week of bizarre weather so we are looking forward to our holidays this summer. Here are a selection of some…

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Alicante Alluring Weather


Alicante weather explained … In Alicante, a city on the southeastern coast of Spain, the climate is Mediterranean, with mild and relatively rainy winters, and hot and sunny summers. The city is located in a particularly mild area, arid and…

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Discover the charming town of Northern Costa Blanca!


Discover the charming town of Northern Costa Blanca… between the Mediterranean the Mountains! Northern Costa Blanca stretches from Alicante to Denia. The World Health Organisation has said that the area is one of the healthiest areas in the world and…

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Buying Property Post Brexit


Will Brexit affect me ?   The exit of the UK from the EU is now known as “Brexit”. The year 2016 was seen as a significant date for the UK when it exercised its right under Article 50 of…

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Spanish meal times explained

Spanish meal times

Meal times in Spain Many unaware first-time visitors to Spain find themselves hungry and ready for dinner around 6:00 in the afternoon only to end up frustrated to find that Spanish restaurants don’t open up for business for at least…

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Spanish Siestas

Siestas are well known in Spain, but why do they do it and where did it come from ? A siesta  is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. … The word siesta from Spanish language derives originally from…

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Some interesting facts about Spain.

Spanish Bullfighter

 Some interesting facts about Spain that you may not know… Here are a list of interesting facts about Spain that you probably didn’t know 1. Liquid Gold Spain produces 43.8% of all of the world’s Olive Oil. That’s quite a…

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