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The summer begins! Tips to protect children of the sun.


With caution, the sun has beneficial effects on the body. But if taken in excess or without adequate protection, it can cause skin damage. It is important to control the time the children are exposed to the Sun. Solar radiation is more aggressive than…

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FOR ONLY 106.000€


Would you like to come with us to Spain?.We are both in England and in Spain.We´ll walk you without additional costs.We look for the dream house  for the whole Spanish coast.Today for example, There is a  incredible development .It is an…

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How to get brightness in our house?


Hello everyone, Yesterday afternoon, after work I went with several colleagues for a drink in the pub and we were talking about light and the joy that it gives us; but how difficult it is to have more light (brightness)…

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Hello everyone, This weekend I have gone to Alicante with some clients that wanted to see how we left their home and we have had a wonderful time. They are very lively. They have not let me stop for a…

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Complete services for your new home

If you are looking for a house in Spain, whether to live, rent or just as an investment, this is the place to look. Our difference? We assist you through the process before, during and after, so we keep it…

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