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Helpful Phrases when House Hunting

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So, are you planning a trip to view properties in Spain?

Here at Elisa Overseas Properties, all of our International Property Consultants speak English to make your purchase and viewing experience as smooth as possible. But if you are like us – you like to have a cheat sheet of a few phrases in the local language to help you out! So we have complied a few phrases related to your property search and some Spanish translations to help you as you go.

Viewing a property

In Spain, it is typical to discuss square meterage (unlike Britain) and prices are often quoted per square metre.

Cuántos metros cuadrados tiene la casa?
How many square metres does this house have?

Cuántas habitaciones tiene el piso?
How many bedrooms does the apartment have?

Cuánto mide esta habitación?
What is the size of this bedroom?

Qué orientación tiene la casa?
What is the orientation of the house?

Norte, sur, este o oeste
North, south, east or west

General questions about the property

Cuánto tiempo lleva en venta?
How long has it been on the market?

De qué año es la construcción?
What is the year of construction?

La cocina es de gas or eléctrica?
Is the hob gas or electric? (cocina also means kitchen)

Qué tipo de calefacción tiene?
What type of heating does it have?

Cuánto son los gastos de comunidad?
What are the service charges? – This normally includes the upkeep of common spaces.

Useful phrases for rentals

El alquiler incluye gastos?
Does the rent include charges? (i.e. electricity, heating, etc.)

Cuánto es la fianza?
How much is the deposit?

Está amueblado?
Is it furnished?

La cocina está equipada?
Is the kitchen equipped? i.e. does the flat come with a kitchen and utilities.

Cuándo estaría disponible?
When would it be available?

Cuál duración mínima del contrato?
What is the minimum length of the contract?

Concluding a visit

If you are interested in taking things further you might wish to say:

Estaremos en contacto muy pronto.
We will be in contact very soon.

In case you are not too interested:

No es lo que buscamos.
It’s not what we are looking for.

Me lo pensaré.
I’ll think about it.

Check out our blog to see a wealth of information that will help you along in the buying process – or as always if you have any questions give us a call on 0161 320 332.