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Cordoba and its Magnificent Mosque


Cordoba and its Magnificent Mosque… Known locally as Mezquita-Catedral, the Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the oldest structures still standing from the time Muslims ruled Al-Andalus (Muslim Iberia including most of Spain, Portugal, and a small section of…

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Seville’s hidden beauty


Seville’s Amazing Cathedral In southern Spain you’ll find the province of Andalusia, this is where you’ll find the stunning city of Seville, as well as one of the world’s largest cathedrals (the third largest, to be exact), the ‘Catedral’ of…

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Things To Do In Puerto Banus


Have you ever taken a trip to Puerto Banus?… Puerto Banus, located less than four miles west of central Marbella in the heart of the Costa del Sol, is your perfect destination for a taste of the high life. Holidays…

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What are the benefits of aerobic exercise for golf?


Production of endorphins (hormones welfare), we do feel much better Production neurotrophins, a family of proteins that promote the survival and development of neurons. This means simply that makes this type of exercise, has increased learning capacity and increased ability…

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