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How to Eat Like a Spaniard in Spain

How to Eat like a Spaniard in Spain With many of us jetting off to the warmer weather of Spain, there will be more opportunities to experience Spanish culture in all its finest glory. Truly, the jewel in the crown…

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Jamón the secret of Spanish Ham


  Jamón – The Artisanal Ham Of Spain Jamón is at the heart of Spanish culture and cuisine.  While Spain’s regions vary in their local food traditions cured Serrano and Ibérico hams are treasured from coast to coast. It is…

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Granada and its culinary classics


Granada and Andalucía Food Fitting into the delectable scope of Andalucían cuisine, you can attribute Granada’s gastronomy to both its fortunate geography and its rich cultural history. A variety of fresh products hailing from Granada’s surroundings yield an extensive spread…

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