September 2017

Brexit ? What Brexit ?


Brexit Shouldn’t Matter If You Want to Buy Property In Spain My conclusion is that Brexit won’t really affect you if you are buying or building a holiday home that may become a second retirement home, and you do not…

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Spain and its Sporting Heritage


Spain and its Sporting Heritage… The main national sport is football, and it’s true to say that in some regions, football is almost a religion! Historic battles are now settled on the pitch instead of the battlefield – although some…

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Granada and its culinary classics


Granada and Andalucía Food Fitting into the delectable scope of Andalucían cuisine, you can attribute Granada’s gastronomy to both its fortunate geography and its rich cultural history. A variety of fresh products hailing from Granada’s surroundings yield an extensive spread…

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Cordoba and its Magnificent Mosque


Cordoba and its Magnificent Mosque… Known locally as Mezquita-Catedral, the Great Mosque of Cordoba is one of the oldest structures still standing from the time Muslims ruled Al-Andalus (Muslim Iberia including most of Spain, Portugal, and a small section of…

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