August 2017

Spanish Speciality La Rioja

spanish Rioja

La Rioja An anonymous Spanish saying says: “Good wine ruins the purse; bad wine ruins the stomach.” Luckily for Spaniards and wine enthusiasts around the world, almost all Spanish wine is good wine. And rightly so! Spain is the world’s…

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Las Fallas Valencias fiery festival


LAS FALLAS DE VALENCIA Las Fallas is undoubtedly one of the most unique and crazy festivals in Spain. Then again, Spain is a country known for its unique and odd fiestas. What started as a feast day for St. Joseph,…

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Seville’s hidden beauty


Seville’s Amazing Cathedral In southern Spain you’ll find the province of Andalusia, this is where you’ll find the stunning city of Seville, as well as one of the world’s largest cathedrals (the third largest, to be exact), the ‘Catedral’ of…

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Basque Country traditional dishes


Basque Area Spain one the world’s top gastronomic centres … Basque area in the north of Spain, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is community of three provinces within Spain. This local Country area is one of the world’s top gastronomic…

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Spanish House Prices Continue To Fall

Spanish House prices

Spanish house prices falling ?? Spanish house prices during the last few years are experiencing a drop in interest rates in Europe. Interest rates in Europe  have never been as low as those we have been seeing for the last five…

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